Annual meeting, annual report and electronic delivery

Annual Meeting

Our Annual Meeting of Stockholders will be held on January 26, 2021 at 8:30 a.m. Pacific Time. Eligible holders of our class A common stock will be able to attend the meeting online, vote your shares electronically, view the list of stockholders and submit questions during the meeting by visiting To participate in the virtual meeting, you will need the 16-digit control number included on your Notice, proxy card or voting instruction form. Please refer to the “Attending the Meeting” section of the proxy statement for more details about attending the Annual Meeting online. We are not holding an in-person meeting.

Electronic Delivery

As a Visa Inc. stockholder, you may be able to receive future proxy statements, annual reports, and related proxy materials via electronic delivery, rather than receiving hard copies in the mail. Choosing to receive your future proxy statements, annual reports, and related proxy materials electronically will allow us to provide you with the information in a timely manner, while conserving resources and lowering the cost of printing and distributing the materials.

If you are a beneficial owner, you can enroll in electronic delivery if the broker or other nominee holding your shares is among the majority of brokers and nominees that participate in this electronic delivery service. You will need your account number to determine if your broker or nominee participates in this service. If your broker or nominee participates in this service and you want to enroll, please visit

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